Principal Investigator: Kimberly J. Hageman


Dr. Hageman received her Bachelor of Science from Kenyon College, 1995 in Chemistry and her PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Oregon State University, 2003. Prior to joining the faculty at Utah State University, she was an associate professor at University of Otago for 11 years, New Zealand.

Dr. Hageman has been faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Utah State University since 2018. Her research focuses on the quantification and behavior of organic contaminants in the environment.

Group Members

Shan Niu, Postdoctoral Fellow


Shan joined the Hageman group in September 2019. She obtained her doctoral degree in Environmental Science at Beijing University of Chemical Technology in China in 2019. During her doctoral program, Shan worked with Dr. Tom Harner at Environment and Climate Change Canada as a visiting scholar in March 2018 – Feb. 2019. Shan is interested in developing and applying models to characterize the behaviors and fate of environmental contaminants.

Ashlie Kinross, Doctoral Researcher


Ashlie joined the Hageman group in Fall 2017. She completed her undergraduate at Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah. Ashlie work has focused on creating extraction methods for pesticides from plants as well as studying the interactions between leaf surfaces and pesticides.

Jeffrey Perala-Dewey, Doctoral Researcher


Jeffrey joined the Hageman group since the Fall of 2018. He completed his undergraduate at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN. After graduating, Jeffrey worked in an analytical contract laboratory quantifying dioxins in water for eight months. Jeffrey is interested in the fate of organic pollutants (current use pesticides and emerging brominated flame retardants) in the environment, with a focus on how natural processes affect the environmental cycling of pollutants.

Calvin Luu, Doctoral Researcher


Calvin joined the Hageman group in Fall of 2019. He is currently an undergraduate studying Biochemistry and Biology, and interested in pursuing further education in Environmental Chemistry. He is currently working on the partitioning coefficient of pesticides between leaf surfaces and air.

Samantha Benovitz, Undergraduate Researcher


Samantha joined the Hageman group in January of 2020. She is currently majoring in chemistry with an emphasis in professional chemistry. Samantha is interested in the fate of organic pollutants in the arctic. After graduating, Samantha hopes to pursue a career in environmental chemistry.

Anna Fabiszak, Undergraduate Researcher


Anna joined the group since the summer 2021. She is currently pursuing her second bachelor's in chemistry. She is interested in pursuing further education in environmental chemistry.


Mingjing He, Visiting Scholar (Feb.14, 2019 - Feb.15, 2020)


Mingjing joined the Hageman group in Feburary, 2019 as a visiting scholar. He is an associate professor of College of Resources and Environment, Southwest University, China. He focuses on the occurrence, fate, and transport of organic pollutants in the environment. He is interested in developing and validating methods for the extraction and clean-up of analytes from complex environmental matrices, conducting field experiments, and investigating bioaccumulation behaviors of organic pollutants.


Fiona Van Leeuwen, Undergraduate researcher Sep., 2020-June, 2021


Sean M. Lyons, Master's student Sep., 2018-May, 2021


Now: a lecturer at Grays Harbor College.

Will Matthews, Lab maneger  May, 2018-Oct., 2019


Now: a PhD student at University of Utah.

Alexandria Foster, Research Intern  May, 2018-Dec., 2019


Now: Afterschool Program Instructor, Logan Parks and Recreation.